Nina Mirtaheri: the power of the Switcher programme

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Nina joined our first ever Switcher cohort, and now works as Founder's Associate at Verto, a startup on a mission to simplify cross-border payments for businesses

Nina had worked at ASOS and a high-growth startup before joining our *first ever* Switcher cohort at the start of 2022. She’s now working as Founder’s Associate at Verto, a startup on a mission to simplify cross-border payments for businesses.

“I found a new job without trawling through LinkedIn and I couldn’t recommend it more!”

Nina’s not the first Jumpstarter to find a role at Verto – she joined 4+ other alumni who are also working at the startup.

A particular highlight of the programme for Nina were our Switcher startup spotlights, where we bring in 20+ VC-backed startups to pitch their roles to you.

“The power of the Switcher programme is in both the quality of the pre-vetted startups that pitch to you, and the direct insight into a business that you gain.

Each startup on the programme was inspiring and had a strong growth trajectory, meaning I didn’t struggle to find somewhere that matched my values and the type of business I saw myself in.”

After hearing from all the incredible startup pitches on the programme, Nina applied to Verto and was hired as their Founder’s Associate. The rest is history! 👏

“The startup spotlights gave me a better understanding into how each business operated and who I’d be working with, all before even interviewing. I then landed an exciting role with Verto, who are on a mission to create equal access to payment and liquidity solutions in developing markets, primarily Africa”

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