Building a dynamic sales team in 2 weeks for a Fintech startup

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Building a high-impact sales team for a Fintech startup in 2 weeks.

Verto (series A, YC W19), have been working with Jumpstart for a while and so far, have hired a total of 13 Jumpstarters! It’s great to see the Jumpstarters excelling in their roles and contributing to Verto’s growth.

When Verto came to us in need of more top talent for their sales team, we were able to help build out their sales team in just 2 weeks.

Verto is a fintech (finance-tech) startup, on a mission to simplify cross-border B2B payments in emerging markets, especially in Africa. Their ideal candidates are people who are driven, ambitious, and are comfortable with ambiguity and challenging the status quo.

The process looked like this:

  • Verto pitched their roles to the Jumpstart sales cohort in 15 minutes. All the logistics were sorted by the Jumpstart team.
  • 5 candidates were sent to interview the next day.
  • 3 offers were made and all of them were accepted.

The entire process took 2 weeks!

How did Verto find top sales talent so quickly? 

Finding top junior talent for a startup takes time, time that most startup founders don’t have. With Jumpstart, you get access to top quality candidates who are ready to work in the startup world, with minimal time required on your side.


  • Thousands of applicants apply to Jumpstart
  • We interview the top 5% of applicants (involving a case study task and role play scenario)
  • The top 1% of applicants pass interview and gain a place on the Jumpstart programme
  • We provide the successful applicants with sales and startup training to ensure they hit the ground running
  • Startups get access to the top 1% of SDR talent to help them scale their business

We don’t charge any upfront fees (fees are only charged upon candidates successfully passing their probation) and we provide ongoing support to candidates in their roles through regular training.

If, like Verto, you’re looking to build out a team full of brilliant Jumpstarters, book a call with us today to learn more about the programme. We currently offer streams across sales, generalist and marketing 🚀.

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