Accelerate your career in a high-growth sales role at a top startup. For people with 1-3 years of experience.

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Exclusive startup opportunities.

No more needle-in-a-haystack searching. Access high-growth opportunities in VC-backed startups.


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Startups pitch to you so you can uncover what a role is *actually* like & find the perfect fit for you.


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Is Jumpstart right for me?

There are 2 main types of backgrounds the programme is most suited to. Not sure if you’re experience is quite right? Apply & we’ll review whether you’re a good fit!

Average base salaries: £30-50k + commission & equity.


Direct SDR or BDR experience

Must have:

  • SDR or BDR experience (~1 year)


  • SaaS, scaleup or startup experience
  • History of hitting or exceeding targets
  • Proactivity outside of work (i.e. founded your own company, athlete, uni society committee etc.)

Customer-facing experience

Must have:

  • Experience in a relevant background (~1-3 years). E.g. recruitment, teaching, field sales, customer success, real estate, hospitality or other customer facing roles.


  • Evidence of hitting or exceeding targets
  • Proven proactivity outside of work (i.e. athlete, musician, uni society committee, started your own side hustle).

How does it work?

Applying takes less than 2 mins! Within weeks, you could be starting your new role & joining our community.

1. Complete the application form

No wasting time on lengthy applications. Apply in 30 seconds with your CV, answer a few basic questions and you’re set.

2. Interview with the Jumpstart team

We’ll review your application & if we think you’re a great fit, we’ll invite you to an interview. If you’re successful, you’ll join our next sales stream!

3. Join Jumpstart’s Sales Stream

Startups pitch their roles to you over zoom, receive personal nudges from startups who think you’re a standout and get fast-tracked to interview at your fave companies.

Sales roles that accelerate your growth


Sales roles that accelerate your growth

Sales roles that accelerate your growth

Sales roles that accelerate your growth

Sales roles that accelerate your growth

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

This role is most common in tech startups, where SDRs play a critical role in scaling the company’s growth by sourcing new potential customers. This could be a great fit if you’re ambitious, target-driven, and you’re looking for rapid career progression (e.g. to Account Manager or Head of Sales). The SDR role also offers an amazing opportunity to build a fantastic network in an industry you're passionate about.

Business Development Representative (BDR)

This role is similar to an SDR but also involves taking inbound calls and demos and working on sales strategy to fuel company growth. This role is a great fit if you're keen to take on lots of responsibility, are motivated by hitting targets and want to help shape sales strategy. The BDR has lots of great progression opportunities, including Business Development Manager and Head of Sales.

Commercial Associate

A commercial associate is a bit like the sales version of a Founder's Associate. In this role, you'll be helping to define the sales playbook and shaping strategy by analysing customer and market data. You'll also spend time working on outbound sales and talking to customers. There are various progression opportunities, including Head of Sales or eventually, CCO.

Partnerships Executive

In a partnerships role, you'll be involved in identifying and engaging with prospective partners and managing the relationships with existing partners. This role often involves collaboration with other team members - including marketing and other sales teams. A partnerships role offers lots of progression, including into Head of Partnerships.

Something else?

Each cohort has a real variety of sales roles, so you’ll definitely find something that suits you. You might even be surprised about which role takes your fancy when you start hearing from the startup founders and teams. Our startup spotlights (where you hear directly from teams and founders over Zoom) allow you to really dig into the reality of each role.

Our alumni join startups working in sustainability

Our alumni join startups working in climate tech

Our alumni join startups working in healthcare

Our alumni join startups working in financial tech

Our alumni join startups working in consumer

We work with hundreds of startups across tons of industries, and around 20 of the best pitch their roles to each cohort.

Hear from the people who matter


Want to hear from more members of our community? Check out our wall of love.

“Jumpstart was a beacon of light in my job search.”

Alexandra Prickett Business Development Representative @ Lune

“Jumpstart has truly changed the game and I am already recommending them to all my friends.”

James Williams Sales Executive @ Karma Kitchen

“Jumpstart made the process easy. The founders' pitches were more dynamic and compelling than a job description, which made it easy to feel confident that I'd be a good fit.”

Jake Gill Enterprise Partnerships @ Arwen.AI

“Jumpstart's promethean approach to the recruitment process exceeds the means of any ordinary job description. I've accepted an opportunity that exceeded my expectations.”

Sicilia Corbisiero Sales Development Representative @ Abatable

“Jumpstart is the only recruitment company that showcases candidates as the prize. I would never have found Lux through my traditional job search.”

Riccardo Berto B2B Partnerships Manager @ Lux Rewards

“Jumpstart’s process makes for the most seamless job transition you could ask for. The whole team were so helpful and I’m extremely happy in my new role!”

Willem Martin Senior Sales Development Manager @ The Business of Creativity

“From understanding the ICP and starting cold outreach in week 1, to now running discovery calls and demos with clients, it's been a steep learning curve but a very rewarding process.”

Josh Campbell Sales Associate @ Auquan

“Sales is such a rewarding career and I love the challenge of meeting business objectives and goals!”

Lydia MacMillan SDR @ Autogen AI

“Jumpstart was a breath of fresh air when it came to looking for jobs. The put the best startups in the UK right in front of you. I loved every second of the process.”

Ciaran Hughes EMEA Partnerships Manager @ PropTech Connect

“The spotlights shed light on exciting opportunities and provide valuable insights into the startup world. The Jumpstart team are great and have continued to provide genuine support throughout the process and beyond.”

Sophia Harpin Sales Development Representative @ Enode