Accelerate your career in a software engineering role at a top VC backed startup. For junior & mid level engineers.

How does the programme work?


Jumpstart is like Dragon's Den but rather than startups pitching for investment, they pitch their software engineering roles to you.



Apply in less than 2 mins and if successful, you'll be invited onto the programme after a 15 min onboarding call.


CTOs pitch to you

CTOs from top startups pitch their roles to you (virtually). Gain a detailed understanding of the role to find the perfect fit.


Startup interviews

Get fast-tracked to interview at your favourite startups. Land your dream startup job within weeks.

Why join the Software Engineer programme?


  • Easy and simple application process👏
  • No online coding tests or lengthy application questions, just a 2 minute application, followed by a ~15 minute onboarding call if successful.


  • Hear directly from CTOs 🤝
  • Stop wasting time in interviews before you learn about the tech stack & company culture. CTOs pitch their roles to you before you go straight to interview with your top startups.


  • High-impact roles 🚀
  • Directly impact a company’s growth and evolution, rather than being a ‘cog in a machine.’ Startups are the perfect place to grow your career if you’re an aspiring founder.


  • Receive ongoing support 😍
  • Once you start your role, join our 400+ community across all disciplines to access ongoing training, mentorship, networking & support. You might even find a future co-founder.


Jumpstart Community

What startups do we work with?


Most of the startups we work with are at the seed or Series A stage. So far, we’ve worked with over 300 startups and our startup network is always growing.


Autogen AI Logo

AutogenAI  is a leading generative AI company in the UK.  Their platform allows companies to craft high-quality bids, proposals and tenders in minutes – not days.

Backed by some of the world’s leading tech investors and researchers, AutogenAI only launched recently and are already on track to revolutionise the way some of the world’s largest businesses produce written content.




Skoon is on a mission to decarbonise homes at nation scale.

  • For consumers, they provide a digital-first experience to help them upgrade their home energy systems.
  • For installers, they provide training and technology to empower installers to grow their business.
  • For partners, the use data and APIs to enable partners to unlock nation-scale decarbonisation.



Verto is a Y Combinator backed cross border payments platform for businesses. They enable businesses of all sizes to access enterprise grade cross-border payments, FX and banking solutions.

Founded in 2018, they’re already working with over 3000 clients globally, process over $4bn per annum and payout in over 190 countries.



Doccla is the virtual ward company. They’re on a mission to provide patients and clinicians with the transformative power of remote patient monitoring.

Their technology enables patients to be discharged from hospital to a virtual ward.

In summer 2022, Doccla raised $18M in an oversubscribed A round led by General Catalyst, a top tier global VC fund.



Sunsave empowers households to change how they power their homes and take control of their energy bills. They operate a subscription-based platform that makes solar simple for customers.

They have been awarded various accreditations, are trusted as one of the highest quality solar installers and are backed by established VC funds and well known angel investors.



yhangry is a chef marketplace bringing high calibre private chefs into people’s homes.

They empower chefs to gain autonomy and break away from the traditionally low-paying, high-stress environments of restaurant kitchens.

yhangry have pitched on Dragon’s Den and are Y Combinator backed.

We work with startups invested in by leading Venture Capital firms.

Who we’re looking for

The programme is best suited to two main backgrounds:

Junior engineers with:

💻 1-2 years of full stack experience.

🤩 Loads of proactivity (e.g. built your own active projects, 100+ repos on Github, founder).

Mid-level engineers with:

📈 3+ years of startup or scaleup experience.

🛠️ Strong understanding of product and customer impact.


Jumpstart Community

Application Process

Applying takes less than 2 mins! Within weeks, you could be helping to drive a startup's growth 📈.

Application Process

Applying takes less than 2 mins! Within weeks, you could be helping to drive a startup's growth 📈.

Application Process

Applying takes less than 2 mins! Within weeks, you could be helping to drive a startup's growth 📈.

1) Complete the application form ✅

No lengthy assessment questions or coding tests. Simply answer a few basic questions, upload your CV & any relevant additional info (e.g. GitHub portfolio) and you're set.

2) Selection & onboarding 🔍

If you have the ideal profile, you will be invited to short onboarding call to welcome you onto the programme. During the programme, startups pitch their roles to you over zoom. These are all recorded so you can easily participate in the programme whilst in full-time work.

3) Join the Software Engineer Programme 🎉

Hear from top startups (over zoom), ask your questions directly to the CTO, get fast-tracked to interview at your favourite startups and land a role. If successful, you'll join our community for ongoing support in your career. The programme only takes a couple of hours a week over 2-3 weeks, much faster than the traditional 12+ week recruitment process! 🚀

Hear from the people who matter.

Solutions Architect

“Jumpstart is the single best place to find jobs at early stage startups. Jumpstart does the hard work for you by aggregating opportunities and unlocking your access to a vast network of startups whilst directly supporting you along the way.”

Declan Grant Solutions Architect @ Valarian
Backend Engineer

“What I love about startups is the exposure to all different aspects of a company. Through Jumpstart, I was able to find an amazing mission-driven startup where I started in an operations role and have since trained as a back end developer. The advice and support provided by Jumpstart was invaluable.”

Anna Cutler Backend Engineer @ Habitual
Portflio Risk Analyst

“The best thing about Jumpstart is the spotlights – they really give you a chance to get a company’s vibe and ask questions. I am now working as a risk analyst where I get to use my SQL and python skills, which I love!”

Daniel Leung Portfolio Risk Analyst @ Hokodo