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How does Jumpstart work?


We help startups find brilliant hires in just 2 weeks πŸ—“ with no upfront fees.


Handpicked candidates

We screen all applications and case study interview top performers. 1% of applicants gain a place on the programme.


Meet the cohort

Pitch your company and role(s) over Zoom, meeting all candidates in 15 minutes. We’ll then introduce you to top profiles the next working day.


Grow your team

Find your perfect hire, from Founders Associate to SDR. We only invoice once your hire has passed probation (3 months).

Which roles can we help you hire for?

  • Generalist Stream πŸš€ See Candidates
  • Find a hire who will get stuck into everything. From Founder Associate, to Operations, to Special Projects.Β 


  • Sales Stream πŸ“£ See Candidates
  • Help grow your startup. Find a top SDR, Account Exec, or Commercial Associate.Β 


  • Marketing Stream πŸŽ‰ See Candidates
  • Market your brand to target audiences. Find a brilliant Generalist Marketer, Content Creator, Growth Analyst and more.Β 


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Quality βœ…

We handpick the top 1% most impressive candidates.

  • From the thousands of applications we receive, we case study interview the top 4-5%.
  • We select for proactivity, hustle, and experience to find top candidates suited to the startup world.
  • We track performance on the job to continuously improve candidate selection.

Speed πŸš€

Find your perfect hire in less than 2 weeks.

  • Pitch to our candidates in 15 mins and showcase your company, role, and culture all in one go.
  • See candidate job profiles so you only interview the candidates that are the best fit for your startup.
  • Find your perfect hire and make an offer within 2 weeks (or faster!). We’ll streamline the process for you.

Support πŸ‘‹

We’re here to make sure you and the candidates find the best possible match

  • Receive spotlight, interview, and selection best practice to find your ideal candidate.
  • We’ll only invoice once your candidate has passed probation so you can be confident your hire is going to excel.
  • We’ll help your hire thrive in their new role, with ongoing training, mentorship, and a support network available to them throughout their career.

We work with companies invested in by leading Venture Capital firms.



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