Nadia Elgaddal: Changing the game in women’s health

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Nadia got onto Jumpstart after applying for a second time, and is now Marketing Associate at Vira Health, working on improving menopause care.

Before joining, Nadia was the Lead Editor at The Tab Warwick, and completed a nine-week internship with the Civil Service. But her application to Jumpstart wasn’t initially the most straightforward. 

“I applied to Jumpstart initially when I was in my final year at university, but didn’t get in. So then I graduated and went on to do a little internship with the civil service, which I actually loved, and ended up in a job that I enjoyed, but it just wasn’t quite right for me. I realised I wanted a change, and then re-applied to Jumpstart.”

Nadia was then successful on her second application to the Jumpstart programme, and joined our February 2022 cohort. 

“I got in, and suddenly you’re part of this community from day one. And the support I gained was really invaluable – with a lot of job applications you’re knocking on doors and no one answers, but Jumpstart’s reversal of the process with people pitching to you is insanely attractive”

Nadia (Marketing Associate, Vira Health and Jumpstart Alumni)

We use startup spotlights to match people with great roles – startups pitch to you, and you have the autonomy to decide which company and role is the best fit. 

“When people pitch to you it encourages you to think you have a lot to bring to the table. I may not have a vast range of experience, but I have a good starting point. And that gives you the confidence to know what roles are right for you”

Nadia is now Marketing Associate at Vira Health, which is working to improve women’s health, focusing on better menopause care. 

“The company culture is brilliant. I’m just surrounded by the most insanely smart and ambitious women. And I love that this role gives me the opportunity to constantly stretch my brain in a really creative way.”

Like a lot of Jumpstart candidates, Nadia wasn’t always sure if startups were the right sector for her.

“A massive preconception I definitely had is that you have to be techy to work in a start-up, which basically immediately barred myself. I thought, I can’t do tech, I have an English degree. But it’s a massive misconception you have to be a tech wizard, anyone can work in a startup”


Looking back on her Jumpstart experience more generally, Nadia has a couple pieces of advice for the Jumpstart audience: 

“Three words: Assess the vibes. It’s genuinely all about assessing the vibes, and I think that’s something Jumpstart has really nailed. You’re not at anyone’s mercy, it’s all about what you want to do and where you see yourself going.

And another three words: enjoy the process. This is your space to breathe and learn and develop yourself before you step into a role. Enjoy it!”

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