How to write a top CV for a startup

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Learn how to make a great first impression in a startup application by following our CV advice!

TOP TIP💡: Check out our CV template for inspiration or as a starting point! Just ‘Download’ to edit

Without access to CV support and feedback, it can be really tricky knowing where to begin with a startup application. That’s where we can help.

At Jumpstart, we’ve looked at thousands of CVs, so know a thing or two about what makes them stand out from the crowd. 👀

✍️ Structure and Format

  • Keep it simple. Try to just include the following sections: Education, Employment & Work Experience, Extracurricular & Volunteer Experience, and Additional Experience & Qualifications (in that order).
  • Keep it short. Your CV should be able to fit on one page. If it takes two pages, it’s because you’re not focusing on just the key information.
  • Keep the formatting clean and functional. Avoid bright colours and complicated graphics – check out our model CV for formatting inspo!
  • Use a PDF. Once you have finished drafting and editing your CV, save it in a PDF format.
  • Check for spelling and punctuation. Might seem obvious but it’s something people often miss!

✅ Content

  • Keep in mind the key things you want your interviewer to know. Startups are interested in relevant work experience, academic experience, and role specific skills (e.g. data science skills or marketing experience). Work out the parts of your CV which are most relevant, and highlight in bold.
  • Demonstrate your proactivity! Startups love ‘self-starters’ and people with proactive mindsets. Think about what you’ve done outside of your studies that demonstrates this – including side hustles, social media accounts, charity work, podcasts, part-time jobs, campaigns, sports / musical / artistic things you’ve done. This stuff really helps make a CV stand out.
  • What’ not ‘how’. Focus on tangible outcomes, and be specific about the role you played in achieving those results.
  • Put everything in numbers 🔢 For example, ‘increased attendance by 150%…’, ‘…made £500 profit’, ‘elected to represent 200 people on my course’ etc.
  • Keep it short and simple. You don’t need to flesh out your CV with ‘filler words’ and unnecessary adjectives. It’s much better to make it clear and easy to understand.

🤔 What do I do if I don’t have any experience?

The chances are you have more experience than you think!

Were you ever part of a sports club or uni society? Or did you ever work in a part-time role over your summer holidays? Have you ever been shortlisted for or won an award? Did you start a social media account or campaign on something you’re passionate about? Have you taught yourself an impressive skill in your spare time?

These are all great things to include on your CV that you may not have considered.

I’ve improved my CV – now what? 👀

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