Hatty Tagart: working in social media at a tech startup

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Hatty studied English at Durham, where she was vice president of a charity fashion show, before joining our February 2022 cohort.

“The Jumpstart process was the easiest and most organised employment process I’ve ever encountered. The team thinks of absolutely everything, from socials, to email introductions with companies, to specific start-up training. I would recommend Jumpstart to everyone for a sociable and stress-free job hunt!”

Hatty was working as a learning mentor at a sixth form college when she got accepted onto Jumpstart, and was initially concerned about the prospect of juggling work and the programme.

“I was worried about trying to manage Jumpstart alongside my teaching job, but the team made it so easy, by uploading recordings of everything the same day, so I could catch up in the evenings, and being on hand to answer any questions I had along the way.”

Hatty Tagart (Jumpstart Alumni)

We often come across people who are in work when they join our cohort, so we try to make the Jumpstart programme as flexible as possible, allowing all candidates to benefit from our training no matter their schedule!

At Jumpstart we’re here to support you from your first role, to your first promotion, and beyond. Sometimes, that means helping you navigate the fine-print of a job offer:

“Jumpstart also helped me negotiate my salary, which is a really hard thing to do alone, but I really feel that I’m being paid my worth!”

Hatty is now Social Media Executive at Wagestream, a financial wellbeing app for frontline workers. Thinking back on the Jumpstart process, one of Hatty’s highlights were our startup ‘spotlights’, where we bring in 40+ founders of some of the UK’s most exciting startups to pitch their company and role over Zoom to our grads. 

“The Spotlights were my favourite part of the process, all the companies I ended up choosing to interview for had passionate presenters whose enthusiasm was infectious.”

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