The start-up graduate programme

An exclusive programme to get the best graduates into the most exciting start-ups.

About the programme

Every 2 months, Jumpstart runs an exclusive programme for 10 highly ambitious graduates. The programme consists of two parts:


  • An initial 3 week phase to get you ‘start-up ready’ & get you a job in one of the UK’s hottest start-ups.

  • Then, once you’ve started your role, Jumpstart continues to provide mentorship, training and a fast-growing alumni network for at least a year.

Week 1:

Start-up training

This isn’t like normal training courses. We get straight to the point and teach you the most important things to be effective in a fast-growing start-up. Modules cover excel, managing your manager, solving start-up problems, and much more. Read more about it here

Week 2-3:

Start-up matching

We flip the job hunt on its head and get start-ups to come and pitch to you. We then line up interviews with the start-ups you want. Normally this means 3-5 interviews and a job offer within these 2 weeks. You’ll talk constantly with the Jumpstart founders to make sure you end up in the right role.


Mentorship & network

We’ve taken the best bits of corporate graduate schemes and combined them with the dynamism of start-ups. You will join your start-up amongst a cohort of other graduates in other start-ups. Jumpstart then provides ongoing mentorship, training, social events, and a fast-growing alumni network.

Which start-ups do we work with?

We work with 100s of different sized start-ups across a wide range of industries. We make sure to only partner with well-funded start-ups that see long-term value in taking on an ambitious graduate.  


Click on the logos below to read more about just a few case studies of graduates we've successfully matched with exciting start-ups. 

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The roles our graduates go into 

Generally speaking, our graduates go into one of four types of roles, but there is a lot of flexibility.


Scroll through to find out more.

Business Development

Sales are the lifeblood of any start-up. A start-up that does not generate business is defunct, and a BD/sales team that does not have hungry, highly personable go-getters will struggle to thrive. You can expect to be doing a lot of the initial engagement with prospective clients which means that you will need to be able to take rejection on the chin and be very results-oriented. This might be to improve products, make business forecasts or spot operational issues.

…but if you’re not sure what role you want to do, that’s completely fine too.


The initial three week programme is designed to work out what it is exactly that interests you by exposing you to different roles and different companies. 

How do I apply?

(30 secs)

Video interview
(30 mins)

Final interview
(60 mins)

Both the founders of Jumpstart can remember how painful the application process for grad schemes can be. We have therefore made our application process as painless as possible: you can apply in 30 seconds and we only have two short interview rounds over Zoom.

We’ll always try and get back to you as soon as we humanly can. Normally this means that we get back to you about 1-2 months before the cohort date that you choose, but we’re always trying to improve on this.

What can I expect to be paid?

We only work with start-ups that will pay a minimum of £25k, but wages are often higher, scope for wage progression is quick and sometimes even equity options are on the table.

Why would Jumpstart do all of this for me?


Both Kabir and Matthew (the two founders of Jumpstart) felt as if there was a dearth of opportunities for ambitious graduates who wanted to do something outside of big, traditional corporate graduate schemes. We also figured that if we could find really exceptional graduates and train them up, then start-ups might be willing to pay us a small fee for matching the two together.


Why start-ups?

There are plenty of reasons why choosing the start-up world is worth it (more responsibility, rapid career progression, more variety and more fun being just some). Have a read of one of our favourite articles explaining why here.

Can I apply if I haven't graduated?

Yes, as part of the application process you can choose which cohort you wish to be considered for, and therefore choose one that is after your graduation date.

When will I start my job at the start-up? 

Your role will start shortly after the three week programme. Please make sure you choose a cohort after your graduation date, so you can start your role straight away.

How much say do I have in the start-up I am placed in?

The short answer is – a lot! We flip the job hunting process so start-ups pitch to you, you then choose which ones you want to be introduced to and we guide you through the process with each start-up.

What do you look for from a CV/application?

We look for overachievers in three areas: academics, proactivity and work experience. So, if you have been President of a society, got a 1st Class Degree or have done some interesting work experience, shout about it. 

Is the training free?

Yes! We make our money from start-ups paying us to connect you to them. So our incentives are 100% aligned with getting you the right job as quickly as possible.

I'm an international student, can I apply?

Under the government's Graduate Immigration Route, international students who do not require additional corporate sponsorship are eligible to apply for Jumpstart.

I have another question - who should I ask?

We're a start-up ourselves (and have just been named #23 in the list of most exciting entrepreneurs for 2020) so we love to hear direct feedback! So do get in touch with Kabir and Matthew.