The start-up graduate programme

We train and place graduates in London's most exciting start-ups, providing mentorship and support along the way.

The start-up graduate programme.

Training, mentorship & placement in London’s most exciting start-ups.

About the programme.

Every month, we run an exclusive training week for ~10 exceptional graduates that is designed to blast open the doors to the start-up world and help graduates land their dream start-up job.

Start-up training week

Successful applicants attend one week of training to help them get ready for the start-up world. You can read a bit more about it here

Interviews with start-ups

At the end of the training, we help candidates find roles in start-ups with guaranteed interviews and 100% receiving a job offer within three weeks

Join the graduate scheme

Successful candidates join an intake of other like-minded graduates and receive ongoing mentorship, support & networking opportunities

The process to get your dream role.      

Step 1

Register & complete questions

Step 2

Interview with Jumpstart for place on training week

Step 3

Attend training week & interview with Jumpstart's partner start-ups 

Step 4

Join start-up alongside a community of other Jumpstart graduates

Our start-ups.

We very carefully pick the start-ups that we partner with - see below for just a few of the companies our graduates have gone into. 

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 12.23.22.png
Screenshot 2020-07-02 15.51.40.png
Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.58.11.png
Screenshot 2020-07-02 16.26.08.png
Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 14.58.26.png

About the roles you could work in.


Engine Belt



Business Analyst

Investment Chart

Software Engineer


Business Development/Sales


Customer Success

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