We flip the job hunt on its head by getting the best startups to pitch their roles to great candidates.

Our Story

Our founders Kabir & Matthew set out with a hunch that graduates were looking for more than the same old corporate grad schemes. Well, more than a hunch. After both working in the corporate world for several years, they were tired of their jobs, overworked and frustrated by their low impact. 

Kabir and Matthew felt they’d sleepwalked straight into these corporate roles, without knowing about the more exciting, impactful careers out there. And they realised hundreds of other graduates are doing the same thing each year. 

Jumpstart was created in 2020 to give people like you the chance to carve out an alternative career path; one that’s exciting, impactful, and that you actually love. And startups, as diverse, innovative, and fast-paced work environments, are the perfect place for this. 

Our mission

At Jumpstart, we exist to make startups a valuable career path for everyone. We’re here to spread the word about startup careers, and give everyone the opportunity to have a career with a difference. 

Within 2 years, we’ve launched the startup careers of over 200 graduates, and now also help experienced professionals switch into the startup world. And we’re just getting started.

Meet the Team



Matthew spent his early career in start-ups: he set up a small business while at university, went on to work in a drinks start-up in London and then moved abroad to work for a sport-tech start-up shortly after. Matthew then spent three years at BCG doing Strategy Consulting, before moving on to lead the strategy and ops team at Wizarding World.



Kabir graduated from Oxford in 2016 and spent 4 years working as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, helping large corporates build and scale ventures. He then set up Jumpstart in the summer of 2020 with Matthew, to help graduates get into the start-up world.


Access and Marketing Lead

Ellie was on Jumpstart's 8th cohort, and ended up joining us as Marketing and Ops Associate, finding and onboarding the best grads. She's now Access and Marketing Lead, spearheading our D&I initiatives to making startup careers accessible. Ellie also loves drag, and keeps a long list of potential drag names on her notes app.


Founder Associate

Caitlin was on Jumpstart's 10th cohort, and joined us as Matthew's Founder Associate, helping us scale and manage the startup side of the business. When she's not running our startup spotlights, you'll find Caitlin exploring all the weworks London has to offer!


Community & Candidate Experience

Callie was on Jumpstart's 11th cohort, and joined us as our new Founder Associate for Community & Candidate Experience, helping our Jumpstart community grow and thrive! In her spare time, you'll often find Callie getting stuck into a knitting project, or eating ice cream 🍦


Programme Manager

Nikki is another Jumpstart alum, and joined us as Kabir's Founder Associate for the Jumpstart programme, working on running, scaling and optimising the programme. Fun fact: she's also a keen ice-skater! ⛸


Ambassador Programme Lead

Omar is our Ambassador Programme Lead, helping us build and scale our student ambassador programme and Jumpstart presence at universities. He's also really into music, and can play piano, flute, and sing - enough to form a one-person band? 🎶

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