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people placed in top startups and in our community

Generalist Stream

Join our virtual programme to upskill and land a full-time generalist role at a top startup.

  • Generalist roles are flexible and varied by nature, giving you the opportunity to get stuck into different areas of a business. They’re perfect roles if you don’t want to specialise, and are keen to diversify your skillset. 
  • Expand your horizons in roles such as: Founder Associate, Operations, Strategist, Special Projects and Analyst.
  • Make an impact at a top, mission-driven startup. 

This programme is designed for people with some experience or super proactive grads (~0-3 years), who are keen to build a career in startups. 

Sales Stream

Join our Sales Stream to accelerate your sales career in the startup world.

  • Upskill and land a full-time sales or commercial role at a top startup.
  • Roles range from Sales Executive, Commercial Associate, to Sales Development Representative (SDR), and more. 
  • Make an impact at a startup working in sustainability, the arts, health, consumer, finance, to name a few.

This is a virtual programme designed for people with ~0-2 years experience. Whether you have worked in sales before or are new to sales, we want to hear from you! 👇

Marketing Stream

Join our marketing stream to accelerate your marketing career in a top startup.

  • Have startups pitch their roles to you, upskill with our training and land yourself a marketing role in the startup world.
  • Roles range from marketing associate, growth lead, content marketer, social media executive and more!
  • Take ownership and make an impact at a startup working in sectors ranging from sustainability to AI.

The marketing stream is designed for people with ~1-3 years of experience, who are keen to grow their marketing career in a startup. Whether you’ve got direct experience in marketing or have relevant related experience, we want to hear from you!


Software Engineering Stream

Join our software engineering stream to land a high-impact engineering role at a top VC backed startup.

  • Meet directly with CTOs from top VC-backed startups over zoom. Ask questions and learn about the role, languages and frameworks to find the perfect fit for your strengths.
  • Hear from handpicked startups & get fast-tracked to interview at your favourites to save you hours of time scrolling through job boards.
  • Gain autonomy and make an impact at a startup working in sectors ranging from AI to climate tech.

The software engineering stream is designed for junior to senior level engineers (~2-10 years experience), who are looking for more ownership in their role and are excited about building a product.


For Startups

For Startup Employers. Join us as a Startup Partner and we’ll build out your team with proactive people.

  • Pitch your role(s) to a cohort of top-quality candidates, and show them why your startup is the one to join.
  • Meet 30+ people who have been hand-selected from 2k+ applicants in just 15 minutes.
  • Hire people who have received 20+ hours of essential training (communication, problem solving, marketing, data analysis) before their first day.
  • Find your next generalist or sales hire, fast.
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What People Are Saying

“In my role I can get involved with absolutely everything, from operations to accounting, to strategy, to the product and design side of things. I’ve been able to learn things that I never anticipated.”

Edward Anders Founder's Associate, Compose

“I love the variety involved in my day-to-day role. In fast-paced, high-growth startup fashion, my priorities and focuses change with the businesses, and the amount of exposure across the suite of business activities which comes with that is really cool.”

Charlotte Rowell Founder Associate @ Zero Gravity

“With a lot of job applications you’re knocking on doors and no one answers, but Jumpstart’s reversal of the process with people pitching to you was insanely attractive”

Nadia Elgaddal Marketing Associate at ViraHealth

“You get genuine practical training on the programme, which I use in my job everyday”

Paradis Farahati Omnichannel Analyst at Heroes

“Jumpstart helped me to start a career I am genuinely excited about - they matched me with an amazing start-up that I wouldn’t have found without them.”

Elle Kinsman Influencer Growth Associate at Lick

Our alumni join startups working in sustainability

Our alumni join startups working in climate tech

Our alumni join startups working in health tech

Our alumni join startups working in financial tech

Our alumni join startups working in crypto

Our alumni join startups working in social impact

Our alumni join startups working in consumer

Our alumni join startups working in FemTech

We work with hundreds of startups across tons of industries, and they pitch their roles to you.

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Top startups pitch their roles to you

Top startups pitch their roles to you

40+ startups pitch their roles over Zoom, and give you the opportunity to dig into the company mission, trajectory and culture.

Watch the video for a sneak peak!