Our training programme

Designed to land you a role at your dream start-up, and provide you with the skills you need to thrive

Our training & support

We take the best bits of a corporate grad scheme and combine it with the best bits of working in a start-up.

About the programme

We provide support at three key points in your start-up journey:

  1. Before you interview with start-ups

  2. Before you start your job

  3. On an ongoing basis

Before you interview:


Working out what you want to do


The conventional early career job hunt works on the basis that graduates submit time-consuming applications for jobs that they’re not sure they want. We don’t think that’s right. And so, we’ve flipped the early career job hunt on its head: not only do we teach you about the start-up world and work out what roles you are suited to, but we get start-ups to come in and ‘pitch’ themselves to you. No more scrolling through jobs boards. 

If you already know? Fantastic - you can just have a chat with lots of start-up founders.  

Preparing you for interview

Final interview icon.png

Most people don’t know how to write a proper CV, let alone how to interview. We know exactly what start-ups look for and directly work with you to make sure that you best represent yourself, maximising the chance that you get the job that you want to do.

Before you start your job

1 week training bootcamp

The start-ups that we work with expect you to hit the ground running. That’s therefore a big focus of our week long training bootcamp. We’ve interviewed 100s of start-ups to work out exactly what skills & qualities they look for. And, across 40 hours of intense, hands-on and bespoke training, we give you the skills to make you an effective employee. We cover the following modules (amongst others):

  • Managing workload – corporate work compared with start-up work is different. Priorities aren’t always clear, and it’s important to manage your to-do list as well as your manager.

  • Start-up problem solving – you’ll be regularly given problems to solve that you’ve never done before. It’s important to know how to take a step back and approach the problem in a structured way.

  • Using Excel & PowerPoint – knowing how to use these effectively can transform you and your manager’s life. We’ll teach you how.

  • Communication – no more essays for you. Slack, email and meetings are the norm. It sounds simple, but it’s amazing how often graduates don’t get this right.

  • Personal feedback – we’ll work out your strengths and weaknesses and give you a personalised action plan.

Ongoing support

We don't stop there, either... We continue to provide:


Each Jumpstarter gets matched up with a 'buddy' - a Jumpstarter from an earlier cohort, receives one on one mentorship with one of the founders of Jumpstart, and gets paired up with an expert in whatever specialism they choose

Training & events

We run monthly 'Rocket Hours' where we invite panellists to speak on different topics ranging from "How to be efficient and effective at work" all the way through to "How to position yourself for a raise or promotion"

Alumni network

The Jumpstart alumni network is impressive: a pool of 50+ (and quickly growing) early careerists working across a wide array of different start-ups. We have bi-monthly socials (with a big event in the Summer and at Christmas ) to make sure everyone gets to know one another

What the grads have said about our training

The quality of training really exceeded all of my expectations. The attention to detail resulted in an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and has made me feel more prepared than ever to work at a startup.

I found the training incredibly helpful and feel like I learned a lot while also having fun; I can't think of any way I would have done it differently!

I can't stress how impressed I am with the sessions and feedback you've provided me with throughout.

The training week has more than lived up to my expectations. I learned an incredible amount of practical knowledge ranging across many topics, such as communication, presenting and getting feedback that has prepared me very well for my first day of work at my start-up.