Accelerate your career in a full-time sales role at a top startup. For people with 0-2 years experience.

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startups pitching their roles to you a month (via weekly spotlights)


base salary plus commission and equity. We’ll help you negotiate.


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Startup Spotlights

Startup spotlights 🧑‍💻

Every week, 5+ fast-growing, high-impact startups will pitch their top junior sales roles to you over Zoom.

Our Startups 🚀

Our startups work within sectors such as tech, tech-for-good, sustainability, the arts, health, consumer, finance, AI, and much more. These are exciting companies making a real impact.

Ask Questions 🙋

During the spotlights, the companies will have 10 minutes to pitch their roles, and you’ll have 5 minutes to ask any questions you like. Dig into the company culture, quiz them about their business, and pose questions directly to founders before interviewing!

Choose your startups ✅

And get fast-tracked to interview with any of your favourite companies.

Go Straight to Interview

Interview Training 💪

Attend our weekly drop-in clinics to get live feedback so you’re ready to ace your interviews. Our training covers topics from understanding the sales cycle and how to prospect effectively, to learning a range of tools that can supercharge your productivity, to delivering killer sales pitches.

Meet the startups 👋

We’ll fast-track you to interview with your favourite startups, and we’ll be always on-hand to update you on the process, answer questions, and give you advice.

Get an Offer 🤝

Our startups will let you know your application outcome within 2 weeks of introduction - no need to chase companies down! When you receive an offer, you’ll join our community. If you’re unlucky the first time round, you’ll have access to our exclusive weekly startup opportunities until you find your perfect role.

Join our community

Your Career Parachute 🪂

Start your new role and accelerate your professional development with our ongoing support, training, and guidance.

Mentorship 👋

Get matched with an industry mentor who’ll guide you throughout your work life - whether you’re thinking about broaching a tricky conversation, asking for a salary increase, or making your next career move.

Network 🎉

Our alumni community is a place for you to connect with and support one another as you navigate the startup world. Connect over our community Slack channel, or join one of our many socials throughout the year to meet people in person. Think summer parties, pasta making, bowling, supper clubs and much more!

Get Hired as a

Sales Development Representative


We'll help you figure out which sales role and startup would suit you best - whether you want to take a step across or a step up.

Get Hired as a

Commercial Associate

We'll help you figure out which sales role and startup would suit you best - whether you want to take a step across or a step up.

Get Hired as a

Account Executive

We'll help you figure out which sales role and startup would suit you best - whether you want to take a step across or a step up.

Get Hired as

Something Else?

We'll help you figure out which sales role and startup would suit you best - whether you want to take a step across or a step up.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

This role is most common in tech startups, where SDRs play a critical role in scaling the company’s growth by sourcing new potential customers/clients. This could be a great fit if you’re ambitious, target-driven, and you’re looking for rapid career progression (e.g. to Business Development Manager and Head of Sales). The SDR role also offers an amazing opportunity to build a fantastic network in an industry you're passionate about.

Commercial Associate

In this role you go one step further as you'll be responsible for closing deals and bringing in new business, as well as building relationships with new customers. If you’re confident, outgoing and love a bit of healthy competition then this role could be a brilliant fit. As a Commercial Associate you could progress into an Account Manager or Head of Sales role, but it also opens up other avenues such as in partnerships.

Account Executive (AE)

Your primary responsibility would be to maintain and grow existing client relationships, making sure clients are happy and using your product to its full potential, as well as identifying opportunities to grow their accounts. The best AEs are great listeners, problem-solvers and confident communicators - if this sounds like you then it could be a great fit.

Something else?

Each cohort has a real variety of sales roles, so you’ll definitely find something that suits you. You might even be surprised about which role takes your fancy when you start hearing from the startup founders and teams. Our startup spotlights (where you hear directly from teams and founders over Zoom) allow you to really dig into the reality of each role.

We’ll help you find the right startup and role for you

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What People are Saying


Know someone who could be a good fit? Refer a friend

“I have a degree in Chemistry, and thought I’d never be suited to a Sales or Commercial role. But I found out through Jumpstart that I was not only interested in these roles, but had the skills to succeed.”

Zahra Sicuro SDR at Vitrue Health

“At Ledgy, there is a positive and inclusive culture, something you wouldn’t normally associate with sales. SaaS sales is quite different to traditional sales - there’s often a view that sales can be dishonest, or forced through by any means. But we’re looking to solve a problem, we never onboard someone we don’t have anything to offer.”

Gregory Hartley Business Development at Ledgy

“My role is really different all the time, working across teams. I do a lot of experimenting, whether that’s with copy or emails to capture people’s attention. My role involves a lot of writing and figuring out how to connect with people.”

Kim Hermo Commercial Associate at PreWarp

Our alumni join startups working in sustainability

Our alumni join startups working in climate tech

Our alumni join startups working in healthcare

Our alumni join startups working in financial tech

Our alumni join startups working in consumer

We work with hundreds of startups across tons of industries, and around 20 of the best pitch their roles to each cohort.

The Application Process

Our sales programme is best suited to those with 0-2 years of experience looking to accelerate their sales career at a top startup. If that sounds like you, apply now.


Apply with CV

(30 secs)


Written Assessment

(20 mins)


Zoom Interview

(40 mins)

Who we’re looking for

Our sales programme is best suited to those with 0-2 years of experience (not necessarily in sales!), who are looking to take a step up or a step across.

You could already have some sales experience and are keen to switch it up, or you could have experience in a client-facing role and are looking to transition over to sales. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

We admit people based on their potential, and evidence of being super proactive, motivated and excellent communicators.

We love hearing about your side hustles, startups (failed or otherwise!), blogs, sporting achievements, social accounts, interests, ideas or ambitions.

Know someone who could be a good fit? Refer a friend