Referrals Terms and Conditions

Know someone who’d be a great fit for a startup? We’d love to chat to them. Fill out our referrals form to get started!


How it works:


  • If you refer someone who ends up getting a job via the Jumpstart programme, we will send you £50 (or £200 if your referral was made before 31/10/22) as a thank you 💸
  • You will receive your referral fee only once the candidate has worked at the startup for 3 months and Jumpstart has received the placement fee from the startup (upon passing probation). 
  • Referred candidates must not already be in our database, or have previously applied to the Jumpstart programme.
  • Only referrals made within the last 6 months will be valid. If you refer someone who applies more than 6 months after the initial referral, this will not be counted.
  • If a candidate is referred by more than one person, we operate on a first-come, first-served policy.
  • You cannot refer yourself for the Jumpstart programme. If you would like to apply, fill in our application form here!
Please note, we no longer use a referral code as part of our referrals scheme. We track all referrals based on name and emails submitted.