A day in the life of a fintech as a Jumpstart grad

By Csongor Máthé

I started working at TreasurySpring back in September 2020 - having come across them through Jumpstart’s start-up graduate programme. TreasurySpring is a fintech that offers innovative cash management solutions to corporate clients. The one thing I would say about high-growth start-ups like TreasurySpring, is that every day brings a new challenge. Indeed, I am still trying to decode what a typical day looks like in my role as a product analyst, but let me give it a try:

I typically start work at 8.15am from the comfort of my home (or more fittingly, bedroom, office and gym). I begin the day with going through the day's tasks and leftovers from the day before, answering any outstanding emails and sorting out my calendar. I then read the major news on financial sites like Bloomberg, Reuters and Financial Times and subsequently make notes on the most relevant stock events in preparation for our daily morning meeting, where I present the key takeaways to the whole team.

From then until around 2pm, I usually work on my main priority for the day, as those tend to be my most productive hours. This can range from data analysis in Excel to producing marketing materials via Indesign to doing research on our product targets. It varies a lot. Frankly, the only consistent thing is that is that every day comes with exciting new challenges. I might have one or two meetings scheduled before 2pm as well – either internal ones with members of the team or calls with bank clients. Calls with bank clients are one of the most exciting parts of my job as I get to attend meetings with incredibly high-profile clients – something that started happening just a few weeks after starting my role. There is no doubt in my mind that that this level of exposure is simply unique for an entry-level graduate position.

After having a lunch break for 30-60 minutes, I will pick a new task to work on from my to-do-list (dutifully stored on Trello). This could be anything from building an interactive timeline showcasing the financial events in 2020, a shortlist for potential targets or even work on our new Product Playbook. During the afternoon I will normally have one more internal meeting, which can be a call with the product, sales or operations team. I usually end my day by answering emails and completing any remaining urgent tasks by around 7-8 pm.

While it is hard to articulate, it is a fast-paced and constantly challenging environment – very typical of the start-up world. So, if you’re after stability and consistency, look elsewhere. If, however, you’re looking for an exciting challenge that beats large corporations’ graduate schemes hands down for creativity, fun and motivation then it might be worth applying to Jumpstart’s graduate programme…

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