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Hey! We're Kabir and Matthew - the co-founders of Jumpstart.


We're childhood friends that set up Jumpstart back in early 2020 after spending our time as consultants looking towards the brilliant ideas of the start-up world. We wanted to stop the brightest graduates from sleepwalking into corporate grad schemes, and help them to kick off their careers in the most exciting and impactful start-ups instead.


Kabir (on the left) graduated from Oxford five years ago and since then has worked as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, focused on helping corporates create new ventures and innovate. Kabir has now interviewed 100s (if not 1000s) of graduates for a brilliant range of start-up roles.


Matthew (on the right) spent his early career in start-ups: he set up a small business while at university, went on to work in a drinks start-up in London and then moved abroad to work for a sport-tech start-up shortly after. Matthew then spent three years at BCG doing Strategy Consulting (where he was heavily involved in hiring new talent), before moving on to lead the strategy & ops team for a start-up.

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About the founders

We have 10+ years of experience in strategy consulting, working with start-ups, and hiring top talent.