Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply if I graduated a while ago? 

Yes! We accept applicants from those who graduated within the last 3 years.

Can I apply if I haven't graduated yet?

Yes, as part of the application process you can choose when you might want to start your job, so please choose a date that is after you have graduated.

Can I apply if I'm an international student?

Under the government's Graduate Immigration Route, international students who do not require additional corporate sponsorship are eligible to apply for Jumpstart.

Can I apply if I don't know much about the start-up world? 

Absolutely. One of the foundational principles of the programme is about educating those early on in their careers about the start-up world. 

What can I expect to be paid?

We set a minimum salary threshold with our start-up partners at £25k, but average salaries are about £28k (and most also get equity options).

What is this start-up spotlight?

Every month we arrange ~30 start-up spotlights. Each spotlight is a 15-20 minute window for start-ups to explain their company, their role and why you should go and join them. It's an excellent opportunity to meet founders face to face (well, zoom to zoom) and get a sense of the company and role. 

Why would Jumpstart do all of this for me?

Both founders felt as if there was a lack of opportunities for ambitious graduates who wanted to do something outside of big, traditional corporate graduate schemes. They set up Jumpstart to help provide that opportunity and charge start-ups a small fee for matching them with graduates. 

What do you look for from a CV/application?

We look for overachievers in three areas: academics, proactivity and work experience. So, if you have been president of a society, founded your own company, worked hard for a 1st Class degree or have done some interesting work experience, shout about it. 

How long has Jumpstart been going?

We're a start-up ourselves - we set up during the first 2020 lockdown and gained significant traction: we've successfully run 6x cohorts of graduates, matched 50+ graduates with some very exciting start-ups and have recently been called out in the list of UK's most exciting entrepreneurs.

I have another question - who should I ask?

Send an email to the founders directly: Kabir and Matthew.