Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About you:

Can I apply if I haven't graduated yet? 

Yes, we accept applications from final year students. Please select a cohort start date when you would be immediately available to start full-time work.

Do I have to pay?

Absolutely not! Jumpstart is and always will be free for graduates. Our revenue comes from the start-ups who pay us a fee (like in recruitment) so that we never have to ask you to pay for access to job opportunities, training, and 1-1 support.

Can I apply if I don't know much about the start-up world? 

Yes! One of the reasons we set up the programme was to educate those early on in their careers about the start-up world. 

What do you look for from a CV/application?

We look for overachievers in three areas: academics, proactivity, and hard work. So, if you have been president of a society, founded your own company, pulled a few all-nighters for a 1st Class degree, or have learned lots from some competitive work experience, shout about it! Always use evidence to show us how you’ve demonstrated these traits. Find out more in this blog article.


Our start-ups:

What is a start-up? 

A start-up is any small company that exists to disrupt the status-quo. The companies are usually less than five years old, and may be as small as just 2 founders, or as big as 100+ (these are known as scale-ups). Yes, this might involve some working around the kitchen table and playing ping pong, but most of the start-ups we work with have been through a number of funding rounds or are VC-backed, which means they have more money, better resources, and higher starting salaries than you might expect.

What does 'VC-backed' mean?

This means that a company has been funded (either in full or part) by a Venture Capital firm. A Venture Capital firm will fund and mentor start-ups that they think have the potential to be the next Deliveroo or Uber, and they often invest large amounts of money in exchange for a chunk of equity in the company.

Getting a job:

What is a start-up 'Spotlight'?

Every cohort will attend ~40 start-up Spotlights. Each Spotlight is a 15-20 minute window for start-ups to explain their company, their role and why you should go and join them. It's an excellent opportunity to meet founders face to face (well, zoom to zoom) and get a sense of the company and role, to see if you would be a good fit. At the end of the Spotlights, you choose 4 roles you’d like to apply for – and we put you straight through to interview with them directly.

What does the interviewing process look like for the start-ups?

Typically, the start-ups will run a 3-part interview process which includes: a get-to-know-you meeting, a case study, and a meet-the-team interview. We’ll talk you through what to expect from these different interviews in our specialised start-up interview training module.

What type of role will I get?

The start-ups we work with are looking for permanent, full-time employees to join their core team. Please apply for a cohort start date when you would be immediately available to start full-time work. If you have further questions about your personal circumstances and fit for the programme, please email Charlie.

What happens to people who don’t get a job within the 4-week programme?

Only a handful of our graduates might not get an offer straightaway. Whatever the situation, we’ll be on hand with support and start our immediate re-matching process, if it’s right for you.

About us:

How long has Jumpstart been going?

We're a start-up ourselves - we launched during the first 2020 lockdown and gained significant traction: so far, we've run 8 graduate cohorts, matched 100+ graduates with some very exciting start-ups, launched a career switcher programme for those with 2-4 years experience, and have been called out in the list of UK's most exciting entrepreneurs.

I have another question - who should I ask?

Send an email to the founders directly: Kabir and Matthew.