Almost done!

Thanks so much for applying to the Jumpstart Commercial stream. We just have one more task for to complete which can be found below. The task is designed to test your written communication skills and should take around 30 minutes to complete.


It involves watching this video, and applying what you learn to write a sales email for Wagestream. See below for further details.

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Task Outline

You are working as a Sales Development Representative at Wagestream, a financial wellbeing app for frontline employees. Wagestream works with employers who pay a subscription fee (per employee) to give their employees access to the Wagestream app.

The app currently includes 4 tools to improve employee financial health:

  • Pay and spend tracking: have live visibility over pay and spending
  • Flexible pay: choose how and when you get paid
  • Automated savings: helping work towards financial resilience
  • Financial coaching: available in real-time on the phone

  • Please watch THIS VIDEO on sales emails and create your own one selling Wagestream to the CEO of Tesco.